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Mark Tango


Cloud Computing

Mark Tango

Junk it: How BAE saves $3.2m a year by throwing out excess data.

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Mark Tango

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators and measuring against these metrics can make you and your team stand out from the rest of the pack. This one task can assist in reducing costs almost immediately. 

Mark Tango

Mark Tango

A talented Information Technology executive who has extensive qualifications spanning aggressive markets.

A hands-on detail-oriented individual that builds successful teams of diverse individuals by creating the optimal team-building environment while surpassing expectations and continually beating deadlines. A keen ability to reduce overhead and increase productivity without impacting morale. 

Mark Tango

Creator of cloudSMART, a three tiered process to illuminate the risks and challenges moving to the cloud may have on an organization.  Assist and lead teams on cloud adoption using industry wide best practices.

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Executive Leadership

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IT Speaker

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Mark Tango
Mark Tango
Mark Tango


Mark Tango

Mark is simultaneously an Information Technology Expert Speaker aligned  with numerous symposiums and events where he commandeers IT speeches and webinars. He has also been a frequent guest speaker & presenter for the Gartner Data Center’s Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference. 

Mark Tango